Born in Flames


Directed by

Directed By Lizzie Borden

Set in a dystopian alternative-reality version of 1980s New York ten years after the “Social Democratic War of Liberation” failed to act as the catalyst for a progressive society. Inequality of gender, race and class is still rife in a supposed socialist state.


A revolution within the revolution is burning and it’s the women who are carrying the flames. The ‘Women’s Army’, a group of lesbian activists acting as vigilantes, are at the heart of the revolt. Brandished ‘terrorists’ by male-dominated media broadcasters and under surveillance by the FBI, these radical women are forever up against the odds but find aid in the form of feminist underground radio station host Honey who vows to fight their fight.


The low-budget, documentary-style aesthetic gives real potency to the events that unfold and even more so in the context of the modern-day social climate. A recent restoration has breathed new life into Borden’s politically charged work and it is now more accessible than ever.