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With Blood On My Hands: Pusher II

Directed by

Nicolas Winding Refn
100 mins

Before Nicolas Winding Refn shot to mainstream fame with the modern cult classic Drive and the divisive Giallo-influenced horror Neon Demon, he made the Pusher trilogy in his native Denmark – a trio of loosely connected crime dramas set deep within the dark underbelly of Copenhagen.


Blood On My Hands opens with Mads Mikkelsen, a frequent collaborator with Refn before they became acclaimed Hollywood names, just released from prison and set on getting his life back on track. Mikkelsen’s portrayal of Tonny – a low-life criminal searching for his humanity in a desolate world – is gripping.


While Refn’s most recognized work is overtly stylized, Pusher II is bound with a raw, pulsating energy that feels uncomfortably authentic and brutally honest. A must-watch.